Snowless winter

If you had been visiting me three weeks ago you would see snow everywhere, the stereotypical continental European winter, with temperatures well below zero, road work crews salting the roads, rear wheel drive cars sliding around, etc.

Well, a week before Christmas the temperature took a swing to the warm side and it started to drizzle, then rain, then drizzle again… and all the snow melted away! On December 31, 2012, when these pictures were taken there was no snow left.

I took my 900 on a nice forest road nearby, catching some nice photos during the warm winter day. The road sees very little traffic, so much that it doesn’t have the usual German road side markers, and for a kilometer or two it is unpaved.¬†Meandering through farms, horse stables, pulp mills, and the Franconian countryside, the forest road passes surprisingly close to a busy Autobahn. While cars zoom by as fast as they can on the expressway, here in this bucolic road I take it easy, enjoying the green winter and the warm air.

Enjoy the pictures!


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