Group B Rally Car: Mazda RX-7

The old Group B rally cars were some of the most insane cars ever to grace a gravel road; and even to this day when WRC cars are approaching the speeds posted by old Group B cars, they still still stand out. Group B rules had few restrictions on technology and design, and a mere 200 cars were required to be made for homologation. This led to a few manufacturers making balls-to-the-wall machines that were pushing the envelope of motorsports, which led the World Rally Championship to be come extremely popular in the 1980s. But with the popularity came accidents that slowly tarnished the image of Group B Rallying. Between drivers saying the cars were too fast, and a few fatal crashes, Group B rules were cancelled and these cars were never raced on the WRC again.

Although dangerous these are classic machines in their own right, and they gather a crowd anywhere they go. One of these machine is the Mazda RX-7 Group B car. Rally superstart Rhys Millen is the current owner of this Japanese built beast, and Speedhunters recently did a feature on this car. It is something not to be missed as very seldom we get to see the innards of a world class rally machine in such detail. The pictures speak for themselves.

So jump over to the Speedhunters feature page and check it out for yourself, this is an swesome machine.


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